Through our subsidiary BS Norway Ltd, we hold 25 exploration licenses in Norway. These permits give us the right to explore and the right to apply for extraction permits for a wide range of metals. These include battery metals, such as manganese, molybdenum and cobalt.

We undertook substantial geological works in Norway in summer 2018, through our geological team and additional specialists, across presently three sites where we hold licences. These licenses include:


Bleka 3


Bleka hosts a gold mine that was first operated between 1800 to 1916, and then again from 1936 to 1940 just before the Second World War. There is still likely to be significant deposits located at this site. So far recent exploration work has been limited to above ground surface work, with limited underground studies. Here we will collect and analyse 100 samples from the 10 kilometre square site.


Tørdal 3


The Tørdal 3 licence covers an area of 10 kilometre squares within the 150-kilometre square Tørdal region. Previous exploration studies of the region revealed interesting levels of rare earth elements and scandium. We also plan to collect and analyse 100 sample from this site.


Lillefjell 4,5 and 6


We hold twelve licences altogether for the Lillefjell region, covering an area of 110-kilometre squares. We will collect up to 300 samples in total from three of these licenced areas (Lillefjell 4,5 and 6) across approximately 30 kilometre squares.  Here, we have the right to explore nickel, copper and platinum group metals among others.



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