The supply of battery metals is already a major constraint for battery manufactures. Another constraint is the technology itself.

That’s why Blackstone Resources has launched a research and development programme that explores new battery technology. This battery market has the potential to be a multi-billion-dollar market.

It plans to develop small and flat batteries for the mobile phone and laptop market, and a whole variety of tech metals will be tested. This technology could also have further applications across the broader battery market.  For instance, it could be used in electric vehicles or support power storage that helps make renewable-energy sustainable.

Automated production processes could also save up to 70% of the actual manufacturing costs. Part of the research and development programme is dedicated to maximising the efficiency of the production line.

Once fully operational, the company will start either its own production plants or it will partner up with other battery manufactures worldwide and receive a royalty stream. 


Electric car market predicted to overtake traditional vehicles

By 2050, every four out of five cars will be battery-electric, which is what analysts at Morgan Stanley predict. They also expect electric vehicles (EVs) to surpass those of traditional vehicles by 2038, while the global fleet of EVs is expected to surpass one billion by 2047. The World Wide Economic Forum sums up how this exponential increase will creep up on us with this analogy.

In the middle of the stadium, there are drops of water falling at an increasing rate. In the first minute a single drop of water falls, in the second minute there are two drops of water added, and in the third minute, there are four drops of water, and so on. The rate doubles each minute... For the first 30 minutes, not much seems to happen – there is a growing puddle, but it’s not likely something you can see from the very top seat. After 45 minutes the stadium is still 93% empty – but by 49 minutes, the entire stadium is full of water.

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